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Rated with a 9,6
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Want to get your driving licence in a quick and fun way? Then an automatic driving lesson is the best option for you. As a driving school, we focus specifically on lessons in an automatic car, but the most important thing for us is that you can drive independently as quickly and safely as possible. As you may already know, in an automatic car you don't have to change gears, which makes lessons and driving comfortable. Want to know more about the options? Then take a quick look!

Besides not having to change gear, there are other advantages to taking driving lessons in an automatic car. Let's first have a look at the fact that you don't have to change gear. In short, you don't have to learn how to use a clutch. All you have to do is brake, accelerate and, of course, pay attention to the traffic. By not having to shift gears anymore, you can focus even more on these things and act faster when needed.

Get your driving licence quickly with our automatic driving school in The Hague

Since an automatic driving lesson seems easier because you don't have to change gear, most students also get their driving licence faster. If you opt for lessons in a manual car, you will spend a lot of time practising shifting gears. If you opt for an automatic, this will no longer be necessary! How quickly you eventually get your driving licence also depends on your own situation and how quickly you pick things up. With regular lessons (in a gearbox car), you often need 40 lessons. With our automatic driving school in The Hague, however, it doesn't matter whether you're a fast learner or not.

Of course you want to pass your driving test at CBR as quickly as possible, but we also think it's important that you enjoy your driving lessons. That's why we offer the possibility of taking a trial lesson first, so you can then be sure you have a good click with your instructor. When you actually start the lessons, our driving instructor will go through all the important things with you. During this first lesson, you'll get to know the car a little bit besides your instructor. Are you comfortable with the instructor and the car? Then we can get started.

Our graduates

Lina Gabel
Lina Gabel
Ashvin is a great driving instructor! I don’t speak any Dutch but everything was managed perfectly in English! Very flexible with finding times to drive. Always makes sure to take the hardest routes. Focused on driving all the areas around the exam test centre especially in on the highway between The Hague and delft. Super clear instructions and very good at explaining difficult manoeuvres.Manages everything with the CBR portals and helping to register and to book all exams. Very good support on how to prepare for the theory exam. The best thing was the the driving school was able to find a practical exam date much earlier than I was expecting. They will really try their very best to get you the earliest possible date by checking the portal every day. Passed the practical exam on the first try! Was super prepared after having driven all the routes around the centre!Amazing driving school! 🙌🏼😊
Alexandru Ginj
Alexandru Ginj
Yesss I got the License Today 30/3/2023 ✅. I want to thank my instructor for helping me to go true this whole process. It took a while but was the waiting and struggling more then 100x word it. I came here as an complete newbie and got my license in the pocketsss. It's all good now. I want to thank Driving school Den Haag especially Jimmy my instructor again. I will recommend Driver Company to all my friends and colleagues. My learning proces was build up from easy to super hard with driving lessons in the centre of Den Haag Delft and Rijswijk and also motorways. Scheduling driving lessons was also simple without difficulties. Yes I can Drive Now! 😂
Gaby Felten
Gaby Felten
Had nooit door dat ik faalangst kandidaat was tot dat ik begon te lessen met Ravin. Als certificeerde faalangst rijinstructeur had hij het wél snel door, en heeft hij mijn in 3 maanden geholpen om mijn rijbewijs te halen nadat ik al 1.5 jaar had gelest bij een andere rijschool en gezakt was voor m'n eerste examen. Met m'n rijbewijs in de pocket ging ik gelijk in m'n eentje de weg op, zelfs de Autobahn! Samen met Ravin de zelfvertrouwen en rust opgebouwd om het autorijden vooral leuk te vinden ipv spannend. Met dank aan Ashvin dat hij mij uiteindelijk met Ravin gekoppeld heeft als instructeur, top ervaring!
Nicolas N.
Nicolas N.
I live in the Hague so I contacted Driver Company to start the process of getting my drivers license. It was a great experience from start to finish. I don't speak Dutch so all the communication was handled in English with no hassle at all. Everything was done through WhatsApp and I managed to get my first test lesson quickly. All the lessons conveniently had the pick up and drop off at my home. The instructor is very knowledgeable and provides great tips, feedback, and advice for the exam. We regularly practiced routes in Rijswijk and Delft (which apparently is one of the hardest routes on the exam). Thanks to all that excellent preparation I passed the exam on my first try 🙌 even though my exam day route was through the dreaded Delft route! Honestly my instructor had prepared me so well for every possibility on exam day that I felt very confident handling all curve balls the examiner could throw at me on exam day.The company also managed to get me a practical exam in just a few weeks, instead of waiting nearly half a year. In the end, the whole process from start to finish only took a few months and was stress free. The lesson hours were flexible, the support for the theory exam were very helpful, and the preparation for the practical exam was essential for me to pass on my first try. I'll almost miss not having my driving sessions with my instructor now that I've passed 😉Overall, I couldn't have hoped for a better experience and highly recommend this driving school. They will prepare you perfectly for the exam and made the experience for me as an international incredibly easy, also helping me along with all the CBR portals to make sure all my documents were in order. 10/10 experience and driving school.
Shanivienne Cecilia
Shanivienne Cecilia
Vandaag me Rijbewijs gehaald in 1 keer.. Happy Me😊.. Zag DriveCampany voorbij rijden en zei dat word mijn rijschool, thuis even google en ja goede keuze gemaakt. Proefles gehad, pakket genomen en gelijk gestart. Ik had al een beetje ervaring met rijden. Door corona duurde het wat langer maar de eind resultaat telt. Mijn Rij Instructrice super lief, heel veel geduld, goede uitleg, snap je het niet legt ze het weer uit.. snap je het nog steeds niet wordt het getekend uitgelegd en voor gedaan .lukt een opdracht niet doen we het nog een keer en nog keer.. en zo gingen we door elke les. Heel veel tips gehad en tructjes geleerd. In rustige en drukke tijden gereden om goed voorbereid te zijn op de rijexamen. (DenHaag en omstreken)Ik Ga me Rij Instructrice zeker missen maar we zullen elkaar tegen komen in de straten. Wil je je rijbewijs halen raad ik je DriveCompany Zeker Aan!
Gilmar Martis
Gilmar Martis
In het begin voelde het voor mij ene beetje onmogelijk, maar met voldoende lessen ben ik in 1 keer geslaagd👌🏿💪🏿Alle lessen waren ons tijd waard, en geduld is er zeker ook en goed en duidelijk uitleg, gegarandeerd geslaagd🍀Driver Company is #1 een echte aanrader#rijschooldenhaag
Vic S
Vic S
Drivers’ company has been a pleasure to drive with. I’m living in Den Haag where it is challenging to drive and book an exam quickly. With my driving instructors Venita and Ashvin I was able to reach my full potential and pass the driving exam. They were very honest, detailed and give great techniques which you can use in practicality everyday while you are driving. They are very attentive to your specific needs and are able to book in lessons last minute if necessary. After so many bad driving schools in the past I am very happy I made the decision to go to Drivers school. I would highly suggest whether you are a new or experienced driver to try them out. Thanks again 😄
Kayven Lenard
Kayven Lenard
I’m from the Philippines and I live in Den Haag😉 I passed in my first try 👍 I highly recommended Driver’s Company because all the instructors are very good, nice and friendly 😁 they will teach you everything you need to learn to pass the exam 👍 the scheduling of lessons are preferable to your time and adjustable 👍 they fixed my exam 4 months earlier and I got it in First Try 👍😁

Want to know more about our automatic driving lesson?

Would you like to take lessons at our automatic driving school? You can apply as soon as you reach the age of 16.5. So you can start as soon as you reach this age, although we are also available if you want to take driving lessons or some catch up lessons later in life. Even if you have had a driving licence for years, it is nice to get some tips every now and then so that you can drive confidently again. Together with you, we will gladly look at the possibilities and put together the best package for you. Interested? Then contact us today!

Courses and Prices

Drivers Licence course 10


  • 10 Driving Lessons

  • Practical exam CBR

  • No Theory Course

  • Advanced

Drivers Licence course 20


  • 20 Driving Lessons

  • Practical Exam CBR

  • Free Theory Course

  • Most Chosen

Drivers Licence course 30


  • 30 Driving Lessons

  • Pracitcal Exam CBR

  • Free Theory Course

  • Most Effective

What can you expect from our automatic driving school in The Hague?

Our automatic driving lesson in The Hague are only given by the best instructors. They are all trained to give you the best possible guidance and are specialised in teaching driving in an automatic car. So you can fully rely on their knowledge and expertise. The professionalism of our automatic driving school in The Hague is also important, because you will spend many hours in the lesson car. As we mentioned earlier, a good click with your instructor is important to get your driving licence as soon as possible.

A personal approach during lessons is also important to us. In that case, our instructors are the right ones, because they know exactly how to make you a good driver! Some students pick up things faster than others, or find certain parts easier than others. This is why we assign each student to a fixed instructor. After just a few lessons, he will already know where your strengths lie and where they are not. You will then practice these even more at your own pace, so you will eventually master all the tricks of the road. Believe us or not: we enjoy seeing our students succeed just as much as they enjoy seeing themselves succeed!

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